Our commitment to excellence and our belt evaluation system is what sets us apart from our competitors!  At Brown’s Martial Arts you are not just awarded a new belt based on the length of time you’ve been training, you are also awarded a belt based on individual skill level demonstrated.

What you can’t measure you can’t track!

With our unique skill tracking system, instructors can instantly identify a student’s strong and weaker areas in their training. This allows the students to focus on right things during class time which makes the time they spend at the school much more efficient, and also gives parents with children training at our facility valuable feedback on their child’s progress.

For some people “test” is a four-letter word. Here at Brown’s, we view “testing” and the “pass or fail mentality” as something that teaches people to view the experience of failure as negative. This is why we have created a positive learning environment and training system that rewards both commitment and progress, which gives students a sense of achievement and self-confidence that last a lifetime! After all, success in life comes by learning from failure without the loss of enthusiasm.


In addition to tracking your progress, a visible symbol of accomplishment in the form of different colored belts is a great motivator, a reward for hard work and persistence.


You will be asked to perform various techniques as per your level of training.  The person evaluating you will fill out a skill tracking sheet rating your performance on each skill demonstrated. You may request a copy of this form to provide you with feedback as you progress through your training.


Every 3 months.


$50 + hst  (includes belt)