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2 weeks of Lessons and a FREE uniform!
$100 Value!
only $19.95!

What is Kickboxing?

Simply put, kickboxing is the best way for you to get in shape while learning practical self-defence tools that may one day save your life!

How is Brown’s Kickboxing program different from other Kickboxing programs?

First, our innovative program includes a written curriculum and lesson plans for each class. A lot of martial art schools teach Kickboxing, but few have a system to follow. Without a teaching system students can study for years and only retain a fraction of the information.

Second, is our ranking system, which uses the traditional martial arts Belt order. Ranking has been proven to motivate students and increase self confidence. Earning a Black Belt in Martial Arts can be one of the most rewarding achievements in a person’s life.

2 weeks of Lessons and a FREE uniform!
$100 Value!
only $19.95!

Will training in Kickboxing get me in shape?

Kickboxing has proven to be one of the best workouts on the planet. Every Kickboxing class includes strengthening and stretching portion. Included in our system is a physical fitness requirement that must be met for each belt rank. This gives students the opportunity to see the immense changes that will take place over the course of their training. The only difference with martial arts is we offer fitness with a purpose. You not only get in shape you learn how to kick some butt while you’re at it.
More Benefits than any Health Club!

Fat Loss

Music and Fitness magazine rates Fitness Kickboxing as the number one fat burner, with over 800 calories burned in a one hour class! 800 Calories! Nothing else comes close.


Did you ever notice how boxers and kick-boxers have very toned bodies? They look like they spend hours lifting weights, when the truth is they don’t lift any weights at all. That’s the same look you’ll get from Fitness Kickboxing. You’ll get tight buns, toned legs, a flat stomach, and a strong upper body.

Stress Relief

Let’s face it. This is a major benefit. Our clients tell us this is one of the top reasons they can’t get enough of Fitness Kickboxing. Because of the mental strength the martial arts develops, students get so absorbed in Fitness Kickboxing class, their problems seem a million miles away. The best part is that they think clearer, sharper, and with more confidence than ever before.


A major benefit of increased flexibility is better blood circulation, and a more relaxed overall lifestyle.

Self Confidence

We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine adding, “And I know I can take care of myself,” to the equation. There is no better feeling than knowing you’re in shape and can defend yourself if you ever have to.

Not your average boring workout

Studies confirm that adding variety to your fitness workout is the key to success. Fitness experts have long asserted that if you add a little variety to your workouts, you’ll be more likely to stick to your fitness goals.

Kickboxing Equipment

You’re not going to have a boring workout punching into thin air. You will get to use:

  • –  Heavy Bags
  • –  Double End Bags
  • –  Uppercut Bags
  • –  Speed Bags
  • –  Cobra Bags
  • –  Focus Pads
  • –  Body Sheilds

Fitness Equipment

  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Resistance bands
  • Plyometrics
  • Medicine Balls
  • Calisthenics

Intro Course

Our Introductory Course is a short-term trial membership that will allow you to see for yourself the positive, life-changing benefits that our properly instructed kickboxing program provides.

FOR ONLY $69 YOU WILL RECEIVE TWO WEEKS OF LESSONS,  AND A FREE T-Shirt! Take advantage of our web special and you will receive a FREE pair of boxing gloves! Our introductory course has a retail value of  $170!!! and is all yours for the low price of $69!

To get started now, simply register online and one of our awesome staff members will contact you and setup the time to come in for your first lesson! Please note that we only have a limited number of time slots available to accept new students each week, so be sure to register online today!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals!

2 weeks of Lessons and a FREE uniform!
$100 Value!
only $19.95!