Before and After School Program

You finally found it! The only Before and After School program that has it all!
Welcome to your perfect weekday – you drop off your children in the morning and we take it from there. Before school drop off starts at 7 am so you can get to work without hurry or worry. We safely transport them to school, helping your child to a great start of their day as well. At the end of their school day your child, is picked up on time and transported back to Brown’s Martial Arts. Once snack time is finished, our qualified staff will happily assist in the completion of your child’s school homework. Even on days when a child does not have any assigned homework to complete, we provide a wide variety of alternative mind-stimulating activities such as reading, word searches or studying martial arts terminology, history and culture.

Give your child a head start in life and join the best after school program around!

Full-time memberships starting at only $169 bi-weekly! 

(Part-time memberships also available)

Our after school martial arts classes follow a progressive curriculum which includes practical lesson plans for anti-bullying strategies and the prevalent dangers of Internet, instant messaging, strangers, etc. We have created our curriculum to be easily applied to real life situations.
Our focus is to instill confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities. The classes are divided into groups so that we can focus on the developmental needs of your children.
When you pick up your child from our facility, their snack, homework and lessons are already done. You get to head home and enjoy supper and quality time together.

The changes in your child will become obvious within weeks. They will be able to say no to unhealthy peer pressure. Their confidence level will rise. They will start being able to focus more clearly during school and afterwards on their homework. The greatest gift you will notice is that they will begin to feel better about themselves.

Martial arts is one of the few physical disciplines that not only help with fitness but also teach children self-control.

Martial arts is just as much about discipline of the mind as it is about training the body.

Here are the 4 powerful areas of improvement that you can expect to begin to see after enrolling your child in our martial arts before and after school program:

#1 THE POWER OF FOCUS- Developing this skill will enhance your child’s ability to focus on tasks, will give them the spirit to persevere through life’s challenges, and the discipline to control their thoughts, emotions, and actions. By putting your child into a program that will constantly challenge him or her mentally you are virtually ensuring your child’s success in life!


#2THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE- Your child’s innate desire to succeed and strive for excellence will manifest itself. 
Whether it is trained martial artists, world class athletes or successful entrepreneurs – all  possess  the self-discipline to control their impulses and the confidence to do great. This will serve your child both scholastically and in the job market,  when the times comes.


#3THE POWER OF SELF-CONFIDENCE- our program is designed to help your child become more outgoing, make friends easier, and try harder without quitting. As our students transform into Black Belts they will be less prone to being bullied and will stand up and speak out for those that are being bullied. This makes their experience at school much more enjoyable.


#4THE POWER OF SELF-CONTROL- A healthy and age-appropriate sense of respect and responsibility will be instilled in your child. Martial arts, as a whole, is designed to make the participant THINK with their mind BEFORE reacting with the body. Your child will learn the physical skills necessary to defend themselves in any situation, but will also develop the mental skills of knowing when and where it’s appropriate to use their training. 


We can say with confidence and many years of experience that the self-control and confidence learned here at Brown’s Martial Arts will stay with your child for the rest of their life.

Your child will take control of school, homework and social skills, all from ONE program – your Brown’s Martial Arts Before and After School Program.

Your child’s safety is our priority!

  • Commercially insured, MTO compliant vehicles
  • All of our drivers are properly licenced and insured
  • All staff is Emergency First Aid certified