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Meet the Owners

World Champion Jason Brown and Grandmaster Monte Brown have over 75 years of combined martial arts experience and are passionate about you and your family’s self-development.

Jason and Monte have owned and operated Brown’s Martial Arts since 1999. In their humble beginnings, they were training 15 students but had big dreams of fostering community, building strong relationships, and most importantly, teaching people essential life skills through martial arts. Through hard work and dedication, their dreams have allowed them to expand to a second location in Ancaster in 2007. Jason and Monte now inspire and educate hundreds of students every year.


Jason Brown

Owner, Head Instructor (Waterdown)

Jason was introduced to martial arts by his father and began his training when he was six years old. After training for seven years, he earned his Red Belt at 13. Jason then took a break from martial arts training, but returned when he was 18. He would often find himself in troubling situations and martial arts eventually became his way out and purpose.

Jason especially enjoyed competing when he was younger. By watching other students at a higher level, he became more confident that he too could get there, so he decided to train with others in his community. Jason set his sights on winning a world title in each organization and managed to achieve that goal, receiving awards in WKC, WKA, WAKO and NASKA. After 15 years of practicing martial arts and feeling content with his achievements, Jason retired from competing. Although Jason is no longer directly involved in competitions, he has passed down his legacy to his three boys and various other family members, who are now learning martial arts themselves.


Monte Brown

Grandmaster Instructor

Monte was first introduced to the practice of martial arts as a child. His father who was in the army and taught him various moves that he learned in the military. At the age of twelve, Monte became more interested in judo which then lead him to taekwondo and by the time he got to high school, Monte tried his hand at wrestling. By the time he was well into adulthood, Monte had trained in various types of martial arts including karate, taekwondo, judo, jujitsu, hapkido and close-quarters combats of all kinds.

To this day, Monte thinks his biggest accomplishments in martial arts lie within his sons. He shares the view that no matter how long you’ve participated in martial arts, you will always continue to learn the art throughout your life. To this day, Monte is still very eager to continue to teach and learn more martial arts techniques.


Jeff Brown

Manager, Head Instructor (Ancaster)

Jeff began his martial arts journey at the age of eight, when he began training at Burlington Martial Arts. He quickly ascended the ranks, achieving his 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1991. At the age of 18, Jeff began his instructing career, teaching at Canadian Martial Arts in Ancaster. When that facility closed down, he shifted his focus back to training, acquiring his 2nd Degree Black Belt at Waterdown Tae Kwon Do.

Jeff is currently the head instructor at Brown's Martial Arts in Ancaster. He primarily trains in Brazilian Ju Jitsu (in which he has his Blue Belt) and Judo.

Jeff lives in Mount Hope with his wife Tara, and their two daughters, ages 12 and 14.


Phil MacIsaac

Grappling Instructor (Waterdown)

As our Grappling Program instructor at our Waterdown location, Phil brings more than 50 years of martial arts experience to Brown's.

Phil maintains a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, as well as a second degree black belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu. In addition, Phil has extensive knowledge in Kali and wrestling disciplines.

Phil also brings professional MMA experience, having served as cornerman for UFC fighter Mark Bocek.

All programs are taught by trained and certified black belt instructors.

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